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V O C A L  C L A S S E S 

In-Studio Private Lessons OR on-line Skype or Zoom.

All that is required is any of the above apps and a good internet connection ​



A course of one to one singing lessons is tailored to suit your individual needs. It can be nerve-wracking singing in front of a stranger for the first time so remember as a voice teacher I've seen and heard it all before, I am here to guide you and to give you the tools that are best suited to you and help you get to the next level. ​ You may need a few weeks to really grasp the concepts of some of the vocal exercises and hear the changes in your voice.

My first rule of teaching is Gratitude for your unique instrument which belongs only to you. ​​​ Students will have the opportunity to perform at student showcase concerts which are held throughout the year.

For anyone interested in Singing exams, I cover The Riam Musical Theatre and performance syllabus and also Leaving cert and junior cert music preparation.



Vocal technique and vocal health warm-up techniques

. Breath support 

. Connecting head voice/chest voice 

. Diction ,vibrato ,dynamics 

. Performance practice

. How to deal with nerves and performance anxiety.

As well as your weekly vocal lessons, vocalists are encouraged to take part in concerts and showcases. This helps students gain experience in playing live and in front of an audience, as well as giving useful experience and a new found confidence.

I cater for RIAM Musical Theatre exams


4-8 Years

Singing group introduces the child to general musical concepts like rythm , beat, pitch , tempo  and basic music theory through Solfa. They will  learn the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture, diction and performance and are encouraged to write their own songs. There are also concerts and events throughout the year that the students perform at.


The voice will move through many chapters through our lives. Each developmental stage

has its own set of challenges. It is important to remember that vocal change is a natural consequence of vocal maturation and development.
Both boys and girls experience voice changes as they grow older,  girls' voices get only a little deeper, A boy's voice, on the other hand, may change quite a bit.

Using healthy singing techniques and training their ears for singing is important for maintaining a great voice for a long time.

I also offer both Junior and Leaving Certificate exam preparation for  practical exams plus 

RIAM Music Theatre and Performance exams.

Below are a few videos of some students performances. 

Check out ''Loughrea Vocal classes ''Youtube channel

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