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I was always singing as a child and all I ever wanted to do was to sing.

I bought my first guitar when I left school and got my first job. I sat in my room every night trying to make it sound good as I sang along to the latest songs.

( that's still  a work in progress :) 

I made my dream a reality when I was in my twenties, a friend and I put our money together and we started a music duo, playing at local bars and hotels.

Singing has been my job for the past twenty years.


Fourteen years ago I trained as a voice teacher after meeting the wonderful Andres Martorell in Galway and he convinced me to study Speech level singing with him. Andres is such an inspirational person. Himself and he's beautiful wife Magda have gone on to do great things in the world of singing and voice, I will be forever grateful for our connection and friendship.


Through the years I got to study with so many great vocal coaches and learned so much from them , like Andres Martorell, Joshua Alamu, Greg Enriquez ,Wendy Parr, Spencer Welch just to mention a few.

In the last few years I have gone on to study various other singing methods like Core singing, Modern vocal training,  Fitzmaurice voicework , yoga voice and naked voice which have all giving me the opportunity to explore the voice from every angle, the physical, emotional/psychological, and spiritual.

                              SOUND & VOICE


I came upon Sound and Voice Therapy when I had a health issues myself a few years back .

This in turn affected my voice but the reality was that, at the time all of me was out of balance.

I was struggling with abuse issues from my past, grief , illness, debt, stress and trying to stay on top of everything.

I think it was Eckhart Tolle who said ..''Life will give you the experiences that are most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness'' and how true. During this time  it was a privilege to experience some truly wonderful therapies from some of the kindest, most loving people you could wish to meet.

And so began my love affair with sound. Entering into the whole world of sound and frequency entrainment really feels like I have come home.

It has  made me a better teacher , a better singer , a better person and filled my soul. 

I feel compelled to tell everyone about the mind blowing discoveries I have made and I am excited about helping people express their heart mind and soul with courage and compassion through singing and sounding. 


I have come to understand that voice and singing are more than just a technical process.

There is a lot of voice science out there but if the body isn't functioning or in balance then the voice wont be in balance either. Our feelings, thoughts and experiences all impact the body and the voice. Personally, the experiences I have had using sound and doing vocal toning on myself and on clients has been amazing. The voice is such a powerful instrument and music and words have powerful healing properties. We all have the ability to create pure tone and vocal harmony. It’s not necessary to be skilled in singing to tone. 

As the years develop, it is my hope that more people will begin to embrace sound as a form of healing and regular practice.

Even though every day I am still trying to figure out who I am and follow my souls purpose , singing and sounding has helped me quieten my mind and my thoughts from the ongoing to-do lists. I am so grateful for the unique opportunity to discover my true, formless nature.

I am dropping more of my ego with each day  and I am singing and sounding from a place of gratitude.    💜

Musical achievements

Winner of '' Allingham Song Contest'' 2017 with original song called ''Maybe''. 


Winner of Irish TV show ''Feis and Blood'' series in 2011.


Launched a single ''Make it easy '' with proceeds going to Goal in 2011.


Came 2nd in International Song Contest USA in  the Jazz category with a song called ''Lover'' in 2011 and performance category with a song called ''The Dream''.


Came second in RTE ''Live at 3'' talent competition in 1997.

Qualifications and certifications


​​Completed 'Fitzmaurice Voicworks'' training 2021.

Studied ''Modern Vocal Tecnique''in 2020.

Core singing '' Dr Meribeth Dayme''

Completed ''Voice analysis and Frequency Therapy'' training with Shira Hunt, Hawaii in 2017.

Studied ''Sound and Voice Therapy'' at The UK college of sound in 2016. 

Completed foundation ''Biofield Tuning'' the human biofield with Eileen McKusick in 2019.


Founded  '' Transformation Through   sound and Voice'' in 2019.

Studied ''Speech level singing'' in 2008-2012.

​Studied Anatomy physiology & massage at Mayoralty College Galway.





CMA registered Sound healing practitioner

Member of SHA Sound Healers Association

and )

DJ at Loughrea Community radio ( original music show )

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